Fully Functioning Hydro-Rakes Clean Waterways With Ease

Fully Functioning Hydro-Rakes Clean Waterways With Ease

Take advantage of our hydro-rake cleaning and repair services in Berlin, NH

Decaying aquatic plants can clog hoppers and heavy debris can damage hydro-rake heads, which is why routine maintenance is so important. Alpine Machine Company, Inc of Berlin, NH can provide hydro-rake cleaning services to remove gunk that could damage your equipment. We can also repair worn-out parts.

We've got extensive experience performing maintenance on all makes and models of hydro-rake systems, including...

  • Portable hydraulic systems
  • Carriage-style raking systems
  • Hydro-rakes with extended booms

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You wouldn't want your equipment breaking down in the middle of cleanup, so don't put off hydro-rake repairs. Our skilled hydro-rake repair team in Berlin, NH can provide prompt...


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Standard on Most Hydro-Rake Trash Rake Systems

  • Chariot Style Operator’s Station
  • Manual Hydraulic Controls
  • 15”x60” Pivoting Rake Head w/ adequate perforations
  • Boom and gantry – ASTM 500 grade B Steel tubing & ASTM A36 steel

    • w/ Hand railing, kick plates, & ladders
    • w/ Diamond Plate flooring
    • w/ Anti Rollover Brackets
    • w/ Crow’s Nest (on boom if needed)–

  • Hydraulic systems –

    • w/ 100R2AT Hosing & 100R7 Hosing
    • w/ system pressure designs under 2250psi
    • w/ Zinc Plated Swivel Fittings & Adapters

  • Hydraulic Oil – Vegetable Grade Biodegradable – 30 Weight
  • Hydraulic Power Units

    • w/ 15 to 30 GPM Fixed Displacement Gear Pumps
    • w/ 10 Micron Return Filtration
    • w/ Filer Breather Filtration
    • w/ JIC Steel Reservoirs with clean out covers

  • Hydraulic Cylinders – Heavy Duty & Specialty Designed for Alpine Machine
  • Hydraulic Valves & Motors

    • w/ 3000 psi Maximum working pressures
    • w/ Pressure Relief Valves on each Function (if necessary)

  • Paint System

    • w/ Standard SSPC – 6 grit Blasting
    • w/ Standard Coating System utilizing Epoxy Base & Urethane Top Coats

  • Electrical System

    • w/ Individual Branch Isolation (Safety Switches)
    • w/ Nema 3R Enclosures
    • w/ Alum & Galvanized Steel Conduit
    • w/ Halogen Quartz Lighting

  • Festooned Power Cable Systems as manufactured by AMC
  • Track System – Anchored Inverted angle track with/ V-grooved wheels & pillow block bearings
  • Hoppers – Dump truck style hoppers

Options Used on Hydro-Rake Trash Rake Systems

  • Enclosed heated cabs w/ safety windows, screen guards, and swivel seating
  • Specialized paint systems
  • Synthetic Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils
  • Customized Hoppers & Conveyors for specialized debris removal
  • Electrical Power Reel ( fixed or pivoting)
  • Electrical Trolley Systems
  • Small Jib Cranes
  • Winches
  • Gate Lifting Hoist
  • Specialized lighting
  • Electronic Controls
  • Joystick Manual/ Fully Automatic using Parker IQAN System
  • Larger Rake Heads
  • Brush Adapter Systems for rake heads
  • Auxiliary Power Systems